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In our dedication to social responsibility, our focus extends to migrants and special forces personnel. As a pioneering software development company in the e-mental health sector, we specialize in crafting state-of-the-art medical software specifically tailored to address trauma-related disorders, with a particular emphasis on PTSD. By leveraging technology to deliver accessible and culturally sensitive mental health support, we empower migrants to navigate the challenges of cultural adaptation and assist military personnel in overcoming the invisible wounds of their service. At Syntec DTx, our commitment to social impact transcends mere innovation; it's about nurturing resilience, restoring hope, fostering integration among diverse communities, and honoring the courage of those who have sacrificed for our collective well-being.



Target Audience

Migrants and Emergency Forces

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In Germany, three out of every 100 individuals annually experience PTSD. The prevalence of this condition surges during urgent events such as the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Gaza conflicts, resulting in a substantial number of unreported cases. Refugees, in particular, face heightened vulnerability to developing PTSD due to the trauma they endure, compounded by cultural barriers that often hinder their access to adequate treatment.

Emergency Services

Amidst the growing demand for migrant support, Syntec DTx remains steadfast in our commitment to honoring and supporting our invaluable emergency services. Particularly, our military personnel, firefighters, doctors, and police officers often find themselves on the front lines, requiring immediate access to first-aid resources in both ambulatory care settings and active duty scenarios. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who serve tirelessly in these critical roles, recognizing that it's high time we reciprocate the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of our emergency responders with the utmost care and support.

Syntec DTx is dedicated to provide support for those in need, as well on safeguarding the individuals who ensure the safety and integrity of our infrastructure.

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