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TraumaVita AI & VR

AI and VR-Sytem to treat trauma-related disorders and PTSD.

ICD-10 F43

TraumaVita AI & VR is the first synthetic logical intelligence system, which creates a virtual reality of the individual traumatizing events in virtual reality. It provides never seen before realistic recreation of exposure scenarios and precisely monitors their effects on the patient's health, followed by positive impactful external changes, to recreate imagination. With TraumaVita AI & VR we develop the first medical software for prolonged exposure therapy to treat trauma-related disorders and PTSD in the world.


Digital Therapeutics



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TraumaVita AI & VR leverages synthetic logical intelligence to generate individual virtual reality simulations of traumatic events, offering innovative and effective care.

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Embrace virtual reality to treat trauma-related disorders and PTSD


Syntec DTx shapes the e-mental health care of tomorrow. With the assistance of profound talents we pave the way of effective and sustainable treatment for trauma-related disorders and PTSD as the first step towards Synoverse: An e-mental health facility in virtual reality using artificial intelligence to treat mental disorders.

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